PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
Integrated Lighting Control System

The BOLT 320-P is the latest addition to Zeus’s BOLT product range of fully integrated lighting control systems. It is designed for the control and dimming of LEDs using PWM.

Why PWM?

When it comes to smaller yachts and motor boats, there is a market demand for easy to install, easy to configure and easy to operate LED lighting control systems that can operate on PWM. This enables boat builders, electrical contractors and existing owners to add a fully integrated lighting such as the BOLT 320P without the need to pull additional cables and change the onboard electrical wiring and set-up.

What does it do?

In short, just like its BOLT 320 sibling, it dims and controls LED lights. It provides lighting scene settings. It simplifies LED lighting integration. It has been specifically designed for the marine industry. It supports emergency lighting and it provides real time scene and mood settings (meaning you can see what the setting actually looks like there and then).

How does it work?

The BOLT 320-P is supplied with four PWM industry standard dimming channels. Direct connection to LEDs is then possible via LED drivers, supplied either as inbuilt PWM compatible drivers preinstalled in the BOLT 320-P or customers can opt to supply their own external drivers. Via the drivers, the system runs off the incoming DC supply with a range allowance of 12v to 28v. Two inputs are provided allowing for an emergency supply to be connected in addition to the normal supply. Should the system experience a loss of the normal supply, it will automatically switch to the emergency supply and to the preprogrammed emergency lighting “scene”. The system can support up to 6 Zeus Connect Switches per controller (multiple controllers can be used as part of one system). The switches are connected to the system using a simple low voltage 3 wire bus system.

How is the system configured?

All configuration of the system is accomplished using a simple web-based user interface which can be accessed from a standard web browser using the BOLT 320-P’s in-built Wi-Fi or via a conventional ethernet connection. Here you are able to create and set presets and scenes for the switches as well as external I/O triggers and the emergency setting.

What else?

You don’t need to be a lighting or engineering expert to install it. If you are? Great news, as control modules for integration with third-party control systems such as AMX, Crestron, Control and Savant are also available!

BOLT 320-P Facts

  • Four industry standard PWM dimming channels

  • Direct connection of LEDs with inbuilt PWM compatible drivers / external PWM compatible drivers

  • Connection to Zeus Connect switches via a simple low voltage 3 wire bus system

  • Incoming DC range 12v to 28v

  • Configuration via simple web-based user interface

  • Conventional ethernet port for connection to third party control systems

  • In-built Wi-Fi for stand alone set up / configuration

BOLT 320-P Features

  • Input for emergency lighting for automatic switch to emergency supply and lighting scene

  • Supports up to six Zeus Connect switches per controller

  • Scenes can be programmed for the switches

  • Scenes can be programmed for external I/O triggers and emergency setting

  • Self contained unit and modular

  • Integration to Crestron, Control 4, AMX and Savant

BOLT 320P.jpg

The BOLT 320-P is from the BOLT product range. To find out more about the BOLT 320 with four 0-10v industry standard dimming channels please click HERE.

Product Partner

The Zeus Technology Partner behind the BOLT product range is Crest Systems. Their extensive experience in technical system integration and lighting and control systems form an integral part of the product design, technology and engineering. Read more.

Buy Now

The BOLT 320-P is available to purchase directly from Savage Lighting Ltd. For more information please contact the sales team on +44 (0) 1455 614545 or email to